A package of 25 Personally Sponsored Affiliates’s for

Secure Future International

Team Building.



We sell a package of 25 PSA’s for

Secure Future International

for $34.75

This package also comes with 347 Rewardicals which you can claim from SFI. You can redeem these for 28 Sales Versa Points (SVP).

In order to receive maximum benefits from SFI you really do need to build a Team.

You can buy PSA’s from TripleClicks should you wish to do so or you can buy the Team2go pack from us at half the best price for PSA2go directly available from Secure Future International. (SFI)

This 25 PSAs Package is designed to give you at least 25 guaranteed SFI PSAs who will directly sign up under you in real-time. These PSAs will come from organic traffic generated from special ads rotating on multiple high traffic e-commerce websites, that target people who are seeking a work from home business. Due to the current world crises, most people are now looking for a good long-term opportunity that they can build from the comfort of their own homes. This is truly the best time for SFI leaders to start building a stronger future with SFI. The new candidates can no longer afford to sit around and wait. They will have to become EAs and start building a future otherwise, they will be left behind. The stakes are much higher now, and this is ABSOLUTLY the best time for SFI, EVER!


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