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Absolutely no hangover the next morning. High-dose supplement. Very good nutritional values. Can only recommend the product. Very tasty. Keeps the performance promise.

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Vit2go DRINK RECOVERY: Drink and Revive!

  • Supports liver function and reduces toxins.
  • Prevents dehydration and loss of nutrients due to the consumption of alcohol and supplies electrolytes and vitamins to promote overnight revitalisation.
  • With choline, kudzu root, cactus fig, milk thistle, ginseng, L-cysteine, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • DRINK RECOVERY should be taken prior to the consumption of alcohol, or prior to bedtime, and additionally the morning after.
  • 100% vegan

DRINK RECOVERY rehydrates and resupplies the body with all the important vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and valuable amino acids that the body loses after excessive alcohol consumption. Let only one sachet of DRINK RECOVERY work its charms as you sleep so you can wake up raring to start the next day without the ‘morning-after’ curse.

We understand that things can be a little fuzzy after a night out, so we made it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of these amazing perks. Simply stir our sachet in water or juice before laying yourself down to sleep, and you will wake up as fresh as new snow atop the mountains of the Himalayas.

Food supplement information:

EU authorised health and nutrition claim:
Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and Magnesium contribute to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Recommended use:
Mix contents with at least 200ml of water or juice and stir. Do not exceed recommended daily dose of 1 packet per day. Store in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children.

Food supplements should not be used as substitute for a varied diet. Seek professional advice before using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under medication, or suffer from food allergies.

The most powerful ingredients in Vit2go DRINK RECOVERY


Kudzu is a legume from Asia, also called Kudzu bean or Kopou root. The root is contained in our DRINK RECOVERY offering a dietary supplement for weaning off smoking and alcohol.
Translated from Chinese, Kudzu means “means to eliminate drunkenness”. In China, herbal tea from Kudzu is used to sober up and treat hangover symptoms.
Kudzu is rich in isoflavones, which are considered antioxidants and help to reduce the damage caused by alcohol.
Furthermore, Kudzu contains saponosides preventing cell damage and protecting the liver (source: Mindell, E. (2020). Die neue Vitamin-Bibel: Vitamine – Bausteine für ein gesundes, langes Leben – (German Edition) (Deutsche Erstausgabe Aufl.). München, Deutschland: Heyne Verlag. )


Milk thistle has been used as a herbal medicine since ancient times. The composite flower occurs particularly in West Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe.
Over the past 40 years the effect of milk thistle has been investigated in numerous clinical studies and is now scientifically proven. The milk thistle fruits are used as herbal medicines which contain 1.5 to 3% silymarin and can thus protect the liver from harmful influences. Consequently, Silymarin is used for treatment of liver damage caused by alcohol. Laboratory tests have shown that silymarin has a stabilising effect on the outer shell of liver cells, making it more difficult for toxic substances to penetrate into the cells. Moreover, it is understood that Silymarin has a regenerative effect on the liver.
In addition, Silymarin increases protein formation and therefore stimulates the formation of new liver cells while promoting the repair of damaged liver tissue.
(Sources: Abenavoli, L., Capasso, R., Milic, N., & Capasso, F. (2010). Milk thistle in liver diseases: past, present, future. Phytotherapy research : PTR, 24(10), 1423–1432.
; Foster, H. (2015). Detox: 14 plans to combat the effects of modern life. London, UK: Hamlyn.


Cactus fig, prickly pear or Nopal is a plant from Mexico, known for its versatile benefits: Increased well-being, the vitalisation of many bodily functions and the strengthening of the immune system.
The fruit furthermore reduces the appearance of inflammation-promoting proteins. Some hangover symptoms are attributed to inflammation within the body. A study from 2004 reveals that cactus fig extract can reduce the symptoms of a hangover by up to a half. Additionally, Nopal has a high fibre content, meaning that digestion, which is often impaired by alcohol consumption, is also positively influenced.
(Sources: Duke, J. & Panster, A. (2020). Heilende Nahrungsmittel: Wie Sie Erkrankungen mit Gemüse, Kräutern und Samen weg-essen (German Edition) (Deutsche Erstausgabe Aufl.). München, Deutschland: Goldmann Verlag.; Wiese, J., McPherson, S., Odden, M. C., & Shlipak, M. G. (2004). Effect of Opuntia ficus indica on symptoms of the alcohol hangover. Archives of internal medicine, 164(12), 1334–1340.

Other ingredients to fight your hangover

Everything you need for more energy and concentration in your everyday life:

Choline – Supports liver function

L-cysteine – Helps to protect the liver’s detoxification system

Ginseng – Increases resistance to harmful influences

L-Ornithine – Key substance for muscle building

Calcium – Provides oxygen transport and oxygen uptake in the blood

OPC – Protects against oxidative stress

L-carnitine – Helps to break down the alcohol

Magnesium – Prevents muscle cramps

Vitamin C – Provides power & drive

Zinc – Supports the effect of vitamin C

Potassium – The good mood amino acid

B-vitamins – Vitalise and help with concentration problems

Vitamin D3 – Supports performance & prevents fatigue

Distributed World-wide by Vit2go UK.

Manufactured in Germany.


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