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GO GREEN with Mighty101

FREE Sample with every Vitamin purchase.

We are delighted today to announce an exciting NEW product at TripleClicks.

It’s called Mighty101—a revolutionary, environmentally safe cleaner with over 101 uses! Completely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and with no artificial colors or perfumes, Mighty101 all-purpose cleaner eliminates grime, dirt, and germs on nearly EVERY surface inside and outside your home, car, garage, and workplace.

Mighty101 isn’t just another all-purpose cleaner though! This remarkable product is an innovation in cleaning technology, uniquely formulated to remove the toughest grease and grime faster than conventional toxic cleaning products. Yet it’s completely safe to use anywhere in your home or business and around children, infants, and pets.

Wherever you want a clean surface, Mighty101 can tackle the job!

…and it will ONLY be available at!

Sold in bulk to large scale commercial and industrial businesses in the UK, Asia, and the Middle East for over 16 years, Mighty101 is now being packaged and offered for the first time directly to consumers at TripleClicks!

Available in ultra-lightweight recyclable sachets to save money, space & shipping costs, Mighty101 can be delivered quickly and affordably almost anywhere in the world. When you receive your cleaner, simply add the contents of one sachet to a 750ml spray bottle, and you’re off to clean nearly anything! And just one order of 10 sachets contains enough all-purpose cleaner to last your home or office up to a whole year!

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