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Trees For The Future

GO GREEN with Vit2go

Thanks to the Vit2go Trees for the Future project, in which a tree is planted for every product purchased, we have the opportunity to work together to actively combat climate change and this way support communities in regions of Africa in developing regenerative agriculture while enabling them to build a sustainable future.

We actively help to combat climate change by planting a tree for every product purchased. According to recent studies, planting billions of trees is the most effective and important way to fight global warming. As trees grow, they store the carbon dioxide emissions that drive global warming. Consequently, worldwide planting-a-tree programs can remove up to two thirds of the CO2 emissions caused by humans from the atmosphere.

Trees for the Future
Especially in regions of Africa, like Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda, many communities suffer from poverty and starvation. One reason for this is that agricultural practices are not suitable for the long-term preservation of goods.

Trees for the Future
Our trees are planted in the affected regions by local farmers. With the support from for the future, local residents receive training in agriculture and learn how to plant the trees properly and nurture to secure a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Trees for the Future
The variety of fast growing trees, such as fruit trees, hardwoods and food plants not only helps farmers in the long term, but also the local communities. Due to the diverse planting in their regions, they benefit from harvest yields for general nutrition, the possibility of work, regular income, the receipt of firewood for cooking and fodder for cattle breeding.

With the help of for the Future we have the opportunity to implement our Trees for the Future project. The nonprofit organization has planted over 115 million trees since 1989, changing the lives of many communities for the long term. The “Forest Garden Program” has already achieved numerous successes and I am currently studying to become a Certified Forest Garden Specialist with the help of their training

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